Brand story

The "OMNIX GOLF" team is founded by the founder Austin himself for golf and has been serving in the field of club design for many years.

He began to think "the club can be custom made according to individual needs and preferences." Is the golf bag feasible?"

So he assembled fashion designers and model experts,

and actually developed a full-featured modular golf bag that can meet the requirements of personal ordering,

function-oriented, light and practical.

With "OMNIX GOLF" as the core value of the brand,

combine the Latin "OMNI" means vientiane and the "MIX" means fusion technology core,

symbolizes "OMNIX GOLF" to show the infinite possibilities of bold innovation.

Therefore, the brand name of "OMNIX GOLF" means to continu- ously innovate for golf.

Now the "OMNIX GOLF" in front of you has overturned the impression of the golf bag in the past,

allowing you to change the style of the bag as you like.

Whether it is the change of storage space or the replacement of the golf bag parts, it is your unique style definitely.

"OMNIX GOLF" fulfills all your imaginations about the golf bag.